Dry press production process

  • Raw material

  • Pulping System

  • Forming

  • Drying

  • Finalizing

  • Packing

Wet press production process

  • Raw material

  • Pulping

  • Forming

  • Hot pressing

  • Finalizing

Mold process

  • CNC machining

  • Mould drawing

  • Mold polishing

  • Holes drilling

Design software Solidworks,CAD
Size Customized as per request.
Surface treatment CNC process,Polishing, Holing, Sharping, debossing, embossing,etc
Mould life 1000000 units
Sample mould Time 7 work days
Production mould Time 10 work days.
Mould base European Standard
Payment Terms 50%% deposit on order confirmation, pay the balance before delivery
Packaging Customized as your request
Shipping Terms Ex Work. FOB Shenzhen.


QIs molded pulp packaging suitable for food and beverage products?

Suitable for food packaging, this category includes takeaway fast food and food packaging (fast food boxes, beverage cups, cup lids, coffee saucers, packaging boxes, etc.), supermarket food packaging (vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, etc.), frozen food packaging, dried fruit and nut packaging, cake dry packaging, cheese packaging, as well as tea packaging, coffee packaging, and biological health product packaging;

QWhat are the applications of molded pulp packaging?

Pulp molded environmentally friendly packaging products are a widely used new type of green packaging material, which has a wide range of applications in the internal and external packaging of many industries such as food, agriculture, household appliances, medical and health products, industrial building materials, military industry, and so on

QWhat are the benefits of using molded pulp packaging?

1. Strong plasticity and high degree of freedom 2. Excellent protection and buffering performance 3. Considerable ventilation and moisture absorption 4. Wide range of raw materials, green and environmentally friendly

QWhat is the cost of molded pulp packaging?

You need to customize your product to know the specific cost. Come and consult me!!

QBesides white and brown color, can you make other colors?

The most common color is white, black and brown, but we can also make any other color as per request. But there will be MOQ requirement for other colors, and price will be higher.
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