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Dongguan Lvxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd, located in Dongguan city, nearby Shenzhen and Guangzhou, we focuses on the design and manufacture of molded pulp packaging solutions.

We provide Biodegradable mould pulp packaging services for cosmetic, electronic 3C category and other industries....

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    Excellent Sales Team

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    Professional R&D team

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    Skilled Mould Workshop

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    First-Class Production Lines

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Excellent Sales Team

We're 24 hours On-call and response all your inquires very quickly, from the beginning of packaging concept discussion to customer services, we're providing the One-stop customized services and professional on each steps. Work with us to bring you a wonderful cooperation experience.

Get in touch:

Email: rita@pulptray.com

Call: 86-15099796045

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Professional R&D Team

Our R&D team has 2 engineers and 3 designers, who with rich experience more 10 years on mould pulp packaging development. Once received your order, we’ll provide the professional design solution in 24 hours and finish samples in shortest time.


3D file format: STEP, X-T, STP or IGS

2D file format: DXF or PDF

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Skilled Mould Workshop

We own our mould workshop with 15 people and 6 sets CNC machines, it's a guarantee that we can control each details strictly on mould creation and do better than our competitors, then offer you excellent quality and fastest lead time.


3D Printing Sample: FREE cost and 3 days

Prototype Mould: 5 days and pay less

Production Mould: 8 days and Competitive price


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First-Class Production Lines

Wet Press Production Line

We have 5 systems and 4 production lines for Wet press products manufacture, 45 producers and 15 people on QC team, the excellent quality is the first and we won’t stop to pursue it.


Dry Press Production Line

5000 ㎡ workshop area with 20 sets machines can achieve 20,000 pcs capacity per day, offering the strongest support for large orders.


Lead Time: 10 Days

Price Term: EXW, FOB, CIF, DDP ect....


QWhat is The Advantages of Molded Pulp Over Plastic Packaging

One of the primary reasons why businesses are rapidly switching to molded pulp packaging is a desire to reduce their carbon impact. It is made of recycled materials and natural fibers. Thus, molded pulp packaging is durable, recyclable and biodegradable. It will not take up any landfill space as well. Second, pulp-molded packaging can make products of diverse specifications and complicated shapes, allowing it to satisfy the packaging demands of items of various shapes, ease isolation and placement, and avoid collisions. The paper is soft and light, and the entire structure has sufficient strength and stiffness to provide appropriate protection and cushioning. Last but not least, the raw materials utilized in paper molded items are extensive and may be recycled. The products have a high recycling rate. Waste products from production, as well as finished products, can be utilized as raw materials for re-production.
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